Dr.Caroline NAHOUM

Qualified specialist
in Orthodontics in Paris



The goal of Orthodontie is to align the teeth and obtain an harmonious smile.

It allows to find a correct occlusion of the jaws to avoid :

  • Decay ( when the teeth are cluttered up, it is difficult To clean them)
  • Gum problèmes
  • palatal injury

Invisalign gives an esthetic alternative to classical orthodontic treatments.

Thanks to technology of an intra-oral scanner, the layout of the different solutions is conductive to communication with the patient.

There are many advantages..

Aliners are at the same time quite invisible and confortable.

Brushing the teeth is easy and the habit of hygiene are improved because there is no braces ,wires… like in the usual orthodontic treatments.

Aliners must be worn during 22 hours a day, outside of the meals and brushing teeth.

They need to be changed every 2 weeks in general and the length of the treatment depends on its complexity.

The appointments at the orthodontist’s surgery exist every 6 or 8 weeks.


DOCTEUR NAHOUM (ex.Collins) :


  • Dr in Dental Surgery
  • Qualified specialist in Orthodontics
  • Certificate of superior Studies in Orthodontics
  • Member at Saint Louis hospital to see patients for the Smile
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