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Exemples of treatment​ / children

  • To correct a problem of swallowing, talking, or breathing allow to drag the growth to its original position and get a good condition.
  • If the primary teeth are aligned, it will be easier for the permanent teeth to grow.

During the growth, the treatment takes place when there are at the same time, primary and permanent teeth.

The gap between the jaws will be reduced with the use of orthodontic appliance.

For children , removable and invisible aliners can be used or functional appliances.

When they become Teens with permanent teeth,each tooth is moved in the correct spot with confortable aliners or ceramic , and metal braces.

Adults :

We can use internal or external ceramic braces or better transparent aliners more confortable and worn 22 hours a day.

Most of the time it is an esthetic request for a better smile or a better profile.
So we use an esthetic treatment .
It could be lingual braces inside the mouth or transparent alignées.

Treatment can be also a rehabilitation.

In this case, different specialized area of dentistry are concerned :

  • To prepare the periodontal environment before moving the teeth
  •  To move the teeth to get the spot for an implantor à prosthesis.
  •  To align the teeth before a maxillary surgery.

Exemples Before / After

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